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The site is basically a handy convinient easily accessible web tool for students who want to explore physics chemistry and mathematics at high school level.The web tool (syzygyengine )is owned and operated wholly by students of iit who are presently pursuing their Btech. degress .The idea to start this is inspired by our own problems ranging from lack of guidance to planning etc that we faced during our jee prepration .As we consider that all the (real) aspirants somehow share the same denominator and so those problems might trouble or hinder their preprations too in some or the other way.The content is made as simple as possible and all the permutation combinations have been tried to put up the best show for you all.The content is completely unique and logical in nearly everything.All the content has been developed by us.The extensive use of optical technology is kept in future considerations of aspirants .The tool is really enough to sail you till the gates of iit or enough to get success in any olympiads too.A majority of students are unable to crack Jee even after working so hard ,because jee or any olympiad is not a result of just hard word only but smart work too.Smart people have physics chemistry and maths as their preference not Jee.With Great hardwork on these three subjects comes Great command over Jee.

Definite Integration

All the course contents may be available to you online,but they are present in a discrete manner and so searching them on the big web and gaining access to sites sometimes wastes a lot of time.What makes us unique is ? Our tool presents blend of all the course related contents as individual topics which will be served with in a proper way with a proper designing and planning .Just login and start learning .It integrates all the differentially disordered useful content at one place in proper manner.

Visuals v/s Text

Picture Superiority Effect - "Human memory is extremely sensitive to the symbolic modality of presentation of event information" .Keeping this essential fact in our minds ,we have incorporated some ideas that makes this tool different.The visuals embedded in the material help you to grab concepts more effectively by maintaing your peak levels of concentration and focus on it so as to maximum out of it with lesser efforts.

H's and C's fusion

Hesitation and confusion gives regrets .Hesitation proves harmful for students as their basic concepts donnot become crystal clear and leads to confusion which in turn creates a blurred image in mind of students that pops up and makes them afraid of attempting questions on those concepts.This becomes one of the major forces opposing good scores in JEE .According to recent trends in Jee question papers ,questions seem to be more focussed on fundamentals rather than complex and tedious calculations .We offer students ,doubt clearing sessions via online chat system by which students can ask any number of questions to us as many as they want without any hesitation .

Practice makes a man Perfect

Practicing questions is also a major aspect of jee and olympiad preparations .Our Brain by thinking on different problems differently makes connections between dentrides and these newer connections which you make definitely contribute in your progress .So only by practing quality problems of vast variety makes you funadmentally as well as logically correct . A vast question bank will be available to the students which is designed with proper gradation of levels which make progess steady but makes your concepts clear and crisp.

F B's Extracts

Usually students run after the books of foreign authors.Out of which most of them are used in universities and so obviously there is large part of irrelavant material in them which is out of context as per high school level is concerned.In addition to it somebooks also contain answers in other systems which you are not exposed to before which also becomes a problem sometimes.Some students also face a problem in percieving their language and the correct message is not percieved which the author wanted to convey through that . But there are some concepts illustrations problems which really help in understanding as well as in practising.So we provide you with extracts(concepts ,illustrations,problems) of intext material which are relavant to us in easily understandable language.


When students pass their class 10 ,they are full of energy and their motivation levels are high .Some of them are first time exposed to coaching environments which makes some of them excited .But gradually this motivation level and confidence falls and the stress of vast syallbus and competitive environment makes them helpless. There are times often when student feels low during his preparation ,these are very tough times .Student's confidence suffers a major setback.We ensure from our side to maintain their confidence levels and maintain that spark ignited for complete time peroid of your JEE preparation .

Track your Foot Steps

For any exams its not only a single subject but Physics Chemistry and Maths and to get comfortable with the vast syallbus, students need to practice and revise concepts on a regular basis.Most of the times students donnot give equal time to all the subjects on a regualar basis and this partial behaviour makes themy pay at the end .Syzygyengine provides students with daily pratice problems and timetable that too according to student's school's schedule and pace.The solution of daily practice problems are to be submitted before the next midnight . Students will also get a daily track record of their performance on the basis of quality of doubts,interaction on site,daily tests,DPP submissions. This daily tracker highlights mistakes done in Dpp's daily tests,stronger areas ,weaker areas and parameters so that you can yourself judge your performance and progress on daily basis.


Role Of Tests

Many of the students fail to keep their levels of concentration high during the exams and they feel uncomforable in sitting for long hours which disturbs their concentration and focus and ultimately ruins their exam performance.In order to achieve good results in the tests students needs to get familiarised by these environment at a regular basis .So,syzygy engine provides students with daily ,weekly and monthly tests which familiarises students with the examination environment and pattern and thus improves their performance.secondly time management during exams also an important factor your division of time in each of the subjects ,but this totally depends on individual's stronger subjects and weaker subjects and so these tests also helps them realise their pattern of distribution and management which in turn results in improvement in their speed and accuracy .


Planning really saves time a lot and gives you a real feel of what you will achieve in the end.Most Students lack this skill too, it is just because when you dont know anything about the journey and you are travelling for the first time you will plan according to your thinking without being aware of hurdles ,barriers that you are going to face .So,syzygy engine provides you with daily ,weekly and monthly plans.we here incorporating with our mistakes and experience would plan the schedule in the best suited way in accordance with school / coaching's pace.The best part is it is not same for everyone ,it goes on changing according to your time boundations pace and nessicities.



Mock tests for every olympiads(NSEP,NSEC,RMO ,KVPY,ISI ,etc.) would be conducted and guidance would be provided to students by sharing our own experiences during the exams and of the interviews.During our prepration ,olympiad problems kept us busy for hours .They had something magical in them and so we share a very strong bonding with them .We are amongst some of the fortunate qualifiers of some of these exams and so ,can guide you in a proper way not just by taking workshops at the exam time but weekend sessions would mostly be focussed on olympiads only. As already said tests are very important and offline tests are more effective than online ones but in offline ones the result and answer key delay a lot and so student is not able to analyze the paper and the mistakes done as when the result comes students start preparing for the next ones .The concept of instant results and solution solves this problem too.

Video lectures

video lectures will also be available and that too will be on level basis and will be kind of live sessions only .Although there are a lot of videos present on the web ,but majority of these serve as movies as most of the students .Videos have been designed such keeping in mind the students lazy and dizzy attitude towards them.Mostly doubts will be answered in chats but if the question is important and confusing for majority then videos will be made for them with proper explanations too.

My Engine

Syzygy engine is very flexible and versatile too in many aspects.Above features have been introduced keeping in mind of our problems and experiences and time boundations but the site would incorporate changes by suggestions and feedback provided by the students regularly.Genuine suggestions and demands will always be kept in mind and fulfilled.A lot many features are provided so that you can manage you account on the engine according to your needs .


There is a weekly and monthly update via which the students will recieve alerts which would highlight the mistakes done in the past week or month by the students in Dpp's daily tets and weekly test or in Doubts and will provide student more problems on the areas which are marked weaker by the daily tracker. Success plot is another feature that would keep your overall record as a whole for the entire preparation peroid and the milestones set would indicate your pace and success ultimately for the D'day.

What after JEE ?? You will be on your way to be come good engineers.To provide an insight of techology and engineering,we present monthly magazine which will include following features:

Excursion to Sci-Tech and gadgets

  1. Introduction to real life engineering (branches and thier individual aspects)

  2. Application of science in daily life

  3. logical puzzles/Games

  4. sci-crossword

  5. Challenging problem series

  6. Sudoku

  7. Motivation from students on life at iit's

  8. Real life Jee Journey stories

  9. Tech Quizzes

  10. Competitions

  11. Hands on Projects

  12. Latest technological Updates

  13. Tips and Tricks for exams

  14. Play with Science


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